The most expensive dish in the world!
One serving of Grand Velas Tacos costs $25k. You can meet him in Mexico. The corn tortilla is served with Kobe beef, beluga caviar, brie cheese, and black truffle. On top of all this is sprinkled with edible gold flakes. The seasoning for the traditionally spicy Mexican dish is a mixture of dried chili peppers, premium tequila Anejo and coffee beans.

It's up to you to decide whether to try it because while the big boys are trying Tacos for $25 thousand in Mexico, I'll give you try for free my new product to the first 100 people.

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- located in Miami

The launch preparation of this product is well underway, so If you haven't signed up yet, then it's time! There are still places there!

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Marina Staver
Private Chef
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