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In Miami, catering service is already a very common thing. This is a great alternative to restaurants to celebrate any event. When you google "catering companies near me" you will find a list of many companies. But how to find out which is exactly for you?
How to choose the best from the best personal chef services in Miami, Fl.?

My team is me – a European personal chef with 17 years of experience and a team of professional Miami caterers who loves their job. We offer first-class event service in Miami; hear we are a company with a reputation for fine catering.
As a luxury catering in Miami, we cook only with fresh products, and a part of our service is beautifully presented food. To make sure your party will be top-notch. That is why we are often chosen as a kosher catering in Miami.

In this article, I will tell you about the specifics of catering for each event. You will realize how we are different from other catering companies in Miami.

From my experience and my team's grief, I want to take a closer look at the nuances of each event. After all, each catering has its preferences. My love for details is what makes each event so unique and distinctive.
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The birthday you will never forget

For birthdays or anniversaries, and baby showers, people usually invite close friends, and relatives. The number can vary. Guests can come with children, so you have to consider the children's menu separately. No matter how appetizing oysters and lobsters look, children are unlikely to eat them.

We can satisfy any whim of the birthday person. My catering company and I are passionate about what we do. If you know the eating habits of individual guests, we can easily prepare the right dishes and vegan meals.

The buffet menu or food stations are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. As birthdays are usually held with activities: shows, and dances, this food arrangement will save room for fun or relaxation after a delicious feast. For an outdoor birthday party, you can order mobile catering. It will be styled to match the party's theme and become part of the decor.

All year long remembered a corporate party

Let's host your corporate party vision together. We will work with you to plan a stress-free dinner, which will fit the budget and the character of your celebration.

Corporate caterers in Miami are ordering both small and large companies. When you book corporate catering for co-workers, you can't know the taste habits of all your co-workers or if anyone has allergies.

Therefore, it is necessary to think through the most flexible menu, that will suit your employees' needs. Also, we can style appetizers for corporate events in your company colors and styles.

Your Finest Breakfast

The lazy, sunny days in Miami are relaxing and good for your health. Breakfast catering in Miami is becoming an increasingly popular tradition. You can order catering into your hotel room or Airbnb and no need to go to a restaurant.

Have a nice breakfast right away in your room and after that go to the beach and enjoy your time. You are on vacation, no need to rush.

Such breakfast catering suits well to a family with kids. You'll have a leisurely breakfast with your family, and the personal chef will prepare gourmet meals, whether it's a classic breakfast or exotic meal prep.

Instead of breakfast, a private chef can cook brunch catering. The brunch menu includes unique dishes and appetizers from simple ingredients. You can also have a cocktail or an ice cream at brunch. Brunch catering in Miami makes more sense than anywhere else because here, people get to relax in body and soul. The delicious food satisfies both.
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Cocktail party with taste

Such events include the opening of an exhibition or a book launch. At these events, our catering service usually recommends small, cold appetizers also called finger food.

People are constantly moving around, chatting, someone will be coming and going. Our catering in Miami has already organized more than 100 cocktail parties. Working side by side with you we will pamper your guest with luxury dining experiences.

Wedding of your dream

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The wedding catering menu requires a special approach. It is a very important part of such a big day, so the courses must match the style of the wedding. Here as never before you need to pay attention to the color scheme, and table service.
The wedding catering menus and wedding bar are wider and include hot dishes and special desserts. People celebrate weddings in Miami to get a taste of the luxurious life. That's why the party catering should be top-notch, to surprise your guests with even more exquisite dishes.
For such special events is better to order a company with experience, to be sure that everything will go the best way. When you hire a personal chef for an upcoming event make an appointment to see if your vision of the event is the same.
It is essential that the courses were served on time and the dishes were cleaned up at once. Despite such a busy day, newlyweds want lightness and unforgettable impressions that the experience and excitement were only from happiness, not from poor service.
We are positive and energetic Miami caterers. We love being the team that makes your dreams come true. Together with you, we will realize your most daring ideas and culinary fantasies.

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