Personal chef gift certificate for friends and family.

Surprise me, chef!

Do you like to choose gifts for your loved ones? Or do you prefer receiving gifts and unwrapping them? It doesn't matter which you like more, because both are enjoyable.

The best gift is not the things, but the emotions we get. As an experienced personal chef, I know how to please my customers.

As a chef for hire, I've long had a "surprise me" option on my website besides the basic menu and business catering service. A menu like this always makes my customers amused and keeps them in a good mood during dinner. There is also another opportunity to make your loved ones happy, which is to give them a private chef gift certificate.

Now chefs set the trend in the restaurant business

Miami is a tourist city, so catering in Miami is a separate art form with vast choices. There are a lot of innovations that come up.

Nowadays hiring a personal chef has become easy and affordable. And it's becoming a familiar picture of the world, just like people used to go to restaurants to eat.

I remember a time when restaurants used to compete with each other. The restaurants tried to come up with a specialty that would attract the customer. Some tried to impress with a sophisticated interior, some offered an unusual menu.

personal chef gift certificate
But the main actors remained in the shadows. I mean the chefs. Only occasionally did they come out to receive compliments, and then quickly return to the kitchen. Some chefs quit their jobs and opened their restaurants to prepare their dishes. And a restaurant without a chef and staff is no more than a pretty place.

Also, the pandemic has left a big imprint on people's habits and businesses. Many restaurants are still not open today. Most people no longer want to stand in long lines or gather in crowded places. Loud and noisy places eventually become boring.

And so, in just two years, business is no longer dictating fashion but adapting to people's needs. And a food caterer near your place is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity. A professional chef who cooks in your home has proven to be very convenient, and the service remains top-notch.

Today we want more coziness and intimacy. So, restaurants with the "omasake" concept began to open all over the world.

"Omasake" means "trust me or I rely on you"

In Japan, omasake is the name of the famous sushi set that the chef cooks in front of you. The peculiarity of this set is also that the chef cooks everything of his choice. Surely asking if there are any allergies or distaste for certain foods. All dishes are served one by one so that the customer can enjoy the view, smell, and of course the taste of the dish.

Omasake's philosophy is to eat consciously, without rushing, without shoving it down your throat. The chef communicates with you, sharing the specifics of each dish. Chefs can garnish dishes with fresh flowers, which makes the dish even more aesthetically pleasing. In the best Japanese and Korean restaurants, omasake is made only with fresh and seasonal products, and it is not on the main menu.

You can't have оmakase delivered to your home. Likewise, omakase doesn't work unless you see the chef cooking for you or at least know him personally. It's a real and trusting dialogue between two people: there's just you and the chef.

In Japan, Korea, and other countries, restaurants like this are popping up more and more often. It's not just a menu item anymore. The number of seats in such restaurants is limited to about 10 people. You have complete confidence with the chef. The client sits at the bar in front of the chef and waits to be surprised today.

While you are waiting the chef talks to the customers. It's all reminiscent of a gift-giving ceremony when a person unwraps a gift and tastes what's inside. The chef has lovingly prepared a dish for you, selecting only the best ingredients, and then watching your reaction with curiosity as you taste the dish.

Today the omakase set includes not only sushi, but also meat, a small plate of soup, a small portion of salad, and of course dessert. Only the number of dishes remains traditional, with a total amount of 10 dishes.

"Surprise me" menu from a personal chef in Miami

The principles of omakase are very close to me and my approach to cooking. When a client chooses for catering or event option "Surprise me", for me it is like choosing a gift for a family member, I really want him or her to be satisfied with the gift. It's nice to see him or her happy.
Before making something, I always check if there are any dietary restrictions or allergies. In addition, I ask about the cuisine, French or Italian catering food. But the rest of the magic for catering parties is up to me.
All of my dishes are cooked from the chef's knife on your table, like the omasake concept. It's my principle that I want to bring to everyone. After all, it's about food culture and respecting your body and health.
I mentioned earlier in the article that omasake always uses seasonal and the freshest produce. I also use only the best ingredients for my dishes. Only I cook European cuisine, which is more familiar to us and not so exotic.
Then catering for 10 people in your home turns into a real cozy magic with delicious food. And it reminds me of unwrapping presents.

Trust is the key to successful cooperation

In business, hiring a personal chef or full-service catering has long been preferred during important negotiations. Indeed, restaurants can be quite noisy and not always convenient to speak on important business topics. That is why office catering became the solution.

Now people don't come to the restaurant, but the chef comes to them. Our values have changed over time. This kind of catering is suitable for a quiet dinner with friends or a party in a circle of friends.

So, how much does a private chef cost for a night?

The price starts at $149 per person. Surely, the price depends on the number of people. If you would like to calculate the price for your party, you can do so on my website.

Home chef gift certificates

personal chef gift certificate
Hier comes the last question, where can you buy a private chef gift certificate?

You can treat your loved ones with gift certificates from the chef. This is a very convenient and perfect gift for a birthday party or for another event. This dining experience gift your friends will definitely never forget.

Home chef meals are different from meals prepared in a restaurant. At places where a lot of people come, they always make preserves, use frozen products, and cook for a large number of people. Such food is prepared in a hurry, so it often does not taste good.

Personal chef services focused on each customer at dinner parties. As in the omasake philosophy.

Trust me and I will surprise you. To order the "Surprise me" menu or to get unique chef gift cards, go to my website.

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