Best brunch catering in Miami

What time is brunch? Customers often ask me this question as a private chef. Brunch in Miami can be from 10 am to 1 pm. But to answer this question clearly, I will tell you a brief story about the most popular mealtime and unusual brunch spots in South Florida.

Brunch. How it all started

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Best brunch catering in Miami
"Brunch is cheerful, sociable, and inciting," wrote British author Guy Beringer. There is an interesting play on words with this word. The writer combined "breakfast" and "lunch". So appeared a later social breakfast on Sunday. Brunch is not just about some meal of the day but also about the little naughty things you can do. For example, drinking Mimosas and Bloody Marys in the afternoon.

When brunch came to America, it was initially served in luxury hotels for the elite. The catered brunch menu was luxurious and expensive. It's hard to remember an actor or a writer who didn't mention that brunch. They wrote about catered brunch with oysters, caramelized onions, eggs, and caviar.

After the 1930s, brunch was accepted by the middle class. It was a casual way to enjoy a quiet morning with family or friends. Fried bacon, donuts, or pastries, with orange juice or coffee on the table. Important meals were also eggs and toast. In the forties, was published one of the first brunch cookbooks.

In the nineties, people loved brunch so much that they were likelier to leave the house to enjoy brunch with friends. Then restaurants started offering brunch, not only on Sunday but also on Saturday.
Best brunch catering in MiamiBest brunch catering in MiamiBest brunch catering in Miami
Whether you're a local or a tourist visiting Brickell, Miami Beach, or Coconut Grove, this part of Miami loves Sunday brunch. The delightful way of life here disposes of a relaxing and enjoyable vacation. Brunch in restaurants usually takes at a particular time. Booking a personal chef in Miami, your brunch will take place throughout the day when it's convenient for you.
There are many spots where brunch is served, but what about brunch on the water with a personal chef? Fort Lauderdale is the best place for it because it is known as the world's yachting capital. A truly luxurious brunch aboard with a bottomless glass of Mimosas, a raw bar, and a view of the beaches of Miami.
Brunch catering in Miami is becoming more popular, whether it's a bachelor party, a dinner party with friends, or a birthday dinner. Hiring brunch caterers is an opportunity to combine homemade traditions and fine brunch food.
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How to book brunch by a personal chef?

If you are still googling "brunch catering near me," I highly recommend doing this in advance. You need to send me a request and tell me when you want to have brunch. You choose what hours are brunch. When you hire a personal chef, you don't need to adjust to anyone and go anywhere. That's the beauty of brunch catering. Brunch catering prices depend on your food choice and the number of people.
Brunch is about enjoying not just nutritious but, first of all, beautiful food in good company.
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