Hi, my name is Marina Staver. I'm a private chef in Miami

I'm a Private Chef with 19+ years of experience working for elite families and high-profile clients
Hi, my name is Marina Staver. I'm a private chef in Miami
I'm a Private Chef with 19+ years of experience working for elite families and high-profile clients.
Turn your home into a restaurant with the Private Chef

I'll be cooking at your home

A few hours before your private dining experience, your personal chef will arrive and begin preparing the menu agreed upon.

You can learn from the chef and try out new recipes as she cooks in your home kitchen!

I'll be serving each dish

The chef and her team will take care of the table laid, helping you with each tiniest detail involved so that you could savor a unique private dining adventurу right at your place!

With our discreet and professional service, we guarantee you and your guests will enjoy the night with nothing to worry about!
Clean up is an essential part of an impeccable service! Before leaving, the chef and her team will make sure all the equipment and dinnerware used will be left as you found them.

Relax and enjoy the night with peace of mind, knowing that the chef's taken care of everything!

The Private Chef will leave your kitchen spotless!

Сorporate catering in Miami

The Staver corporate catering in Miami isn't only a delivery. It is much more because it is a real art for us.
This also applies to a dinner party. Catering in your own home is when an artist cook draws a picture on your table.
I am Marina Staver and I am your personal chef in Miami. I create the catering services. You will get luxury services in your house or office

Private chef for dinner party

Not depending on whether you simply want to organize your evening party or you want to order a private chef for a romantic dinner for 2 (at a reasonable cost) with your second half, you can use our services.
I am your personal chef for a dinner party near you and I'll be glad to cook dishes you want specially for you.
Birthdays can be only once a year. Why don't you use services as a personal chef for birthday dinners or parties?
Or you and your significant other want to order a private chef for an anniversary dinner?
I can cook any dish that You or your friends like. Not depending on your goal, we can create a special atmosphere.
I and my qualified team will do all that you need.

Personal chef for birthday party

How to celebrate Valentine's Day or Christmas Day?

Not sure how to celebrate Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, or Valentine's Day? Why don't you contact me? We have offers for every holiday: private chef for Valentine's day or a romantic dinner for two - it's not just pasta, cocktails, and dessert, private chef for Thanksgiving Day - it's not just turkey and butternut squash, private chef for Christmas Day - it's not just Christmas ham, baked beef or steak. I'll cook the dishes of your dreams and my team will do our best to create a totally family or romantic atmosphere.
Are you planning a bachelor party in Miami? Or is it your anniversary already? You and your friends get together and enjoy the companionship and the meals prepared. The quality of the cuisine plays the most important role. My team organizes personal chef for a bachelor party on Airbnb or anywhere. You just can invite us, and we will help to make this day unforgettable. Why care about what to cook and how to serve. We can do everything for you.

Private chef for anniversary dinner

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