Corporate catering Miami


It is easy to find catering businesses near your office in Miami and surrounding, whether it is Hollywood fl, or Fort Lauderdale. But it's harder to find corporate catering in Miami that fits the spirit of your company and your vision for the party. Not every corporate catering company proposes luxury corporate events.

As a personal chef from Europe, I focus on kosher corporate catering. I cook only with fresh food, from knife to table, no frozen food. Like corporate caterers in Boca Raton always provide top-notch service. I also pay attention to every detail and dietary restriction on corporate food catering.

Corporate parties are part of team building. Such events bring people together, like family gatherings. When the family gets together for Thanksgiving or Christmas.
Corporate event catering works when it is relevant and fun for your team. My catering company and I can organize original dinners that your employees are sure to remember. We are the corporate caterers in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Coral Gables, Coconut Groove, and neighboring areas, that you were looking for.

1. A cooking lesson from a private chef

Corporate catering Miami
Why it works: Working together unites, lifts the spirit of the team, and charges up positive energy for a long time. Such a change from the usual office life to a culinary workshop is sure to spice up the work routine. And after the fruitful joint work, the employees will have a joint dinner at a special event. They can enjoy their efforts as if they were working on a project.

How it realizes:
Many companies have their own kitchen and oven for corporate catering events. But if they don't, as an experienced corporate caterer, my team has all the kitchen supplies. A cooking class can be accompanied not only by culinary tricks but also by talk about healthy eating.

Food: If you have a small company, then each employee can cook one meal by himself. If you have quite a lot of employees, then I suggest two options. The first is to combine people into small teams of two or three people. The second option is to make the dessert in stages, for example, one team makes the cakes, another prepares the cream, and the third takes care of the décor.

2. Cozy breakfast instead of a late party

Why it works: Corporate breakfast catering can be a great alternative to late-night parties. Many companies try to create an atmosphere. So employees feel at home. An early breakfast, over which you can have a nice chat with your colleagues, remember funny stories and of course, have a delicious meal. It can be breakfast in the fresh air, which will definitely increase the appetite.

How it realizes: Your employees will have the most beautiful and elegant breakfast ever with full service. They don't have to come in ties and evening gowns for that. Comfortable casual clothes will do for better comfort. You can choose the time and catering menus of your choice, too.

Food: The catering corporate breakfast meal is very varied. Light snacks such as croissants, and French toast with avocado and salmon. You can get something from the classic business lunch menu. Your team starts the day on a positive note and smiles.

3. Travel around the world

Why it works: During the pandemic, it became especially difficult to go on the usual trip. But no one canceled the culinary journey. Many people go to French, and Italian restaurants to try their cuisines. And if you invite a chef to your party, you can make a gastronomic trip around the world without too much expense.

This would also be a great idea for corporate party catering, if you are an international company and your employees are from different countries. They will get a taste of food options from their home country. Such a party will bring your team together. They will become closer and friendlier.

How it realizes: I'm a European chef, I've traveled a lot, and I know the traditions of the different cuisines of the world. In addition to amazing serving, as a chef, I will tell the stories of these dishes: when they are eaten, why they are so popular. The such lively conversation will add positive emotions to your party.

Food: Also, before the party, you can ask your employees to write down the dishes they would like to try from the chef. They will surely enjoy this kind of attention.

4. Classic Summertime BBQ

Why it works: Business event catering has long offered its services and has become routine. A little different from office lunch life. Outside the office, employees will feel cozy. Fresh air and the aroma of grilled meat and vegetables already guarantee a great holiday and fun. Together with professional corporate caterers, you can organize the BBQ party of the year.

How it realizes: Corporate dinner catering has everything you need for the grill. Our catering partners can provide caterers, if necessary. For example, for serving drinks. The party can be organized in the park, on the roof of the hotel.

Food: Grilled meat and fish, juicy vegetables, and freshly baked bread. Summer BBQ is a classic that never fails. While the main courses are cooking, I would recommend putting on a buffet with light snacks. On such corporate catering services, food can be served on paper plates. That is friendly to the environment.

5. Spring green party

Why it works: There's a lot of emphasis on healthy lifestyles today. In Miami, there's a lot of support for this trend. You can emphasize healthy food at your corporate party, and I'll be happy to help. Your employees will love green corporate party catering: as concerned for their health and well-being.

For a business lunch catering, such light and attractive snacks would be perfect, because after a hearty meal you often want to sleep. And this way your employees will have a tasty snack and be active.

How it realizes: It can be corporate lunch catering or a picnic in the park. Or regular business catering services but with nutritious and healthy food. In South Florida, you can buy fresh vegetables for the catering menu all year long.

Food: Many people will be surprised that healthy food is tasty, healthy, and beautiful. The food will be light and not as heavy as a BBQ corporate catering lunch. Therefore, this option is great for business meetings with partners. Pay attention to healthy food.

Catering for corporate events today is getting a new format, changing the time and type of party. My team and I are the corporate catering company near you, which is ready to add spice and freshness to your office life. We are a corporate catering business, that brings freshness to your working life.
Corporate catering Miami
Corporate catering Miami
Corporate catering Miami
Corporate catering Miami

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