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We cook & deliver
Each meal is prepared from scratch, delivered fresh and ready to eat.
All natural
We are using high-quality ingredients to prepare your meal. Our menu changes weekly.
We prepare food for two days!
- Soup - 2l (68oz)
- Two types of hot dishes
- 1-2 types of side dishes
- Salad
- Dessert
We deliver three times a week:
- Monday
- Wednesday
- Friday
Weekly menu (example)
1. Spinach and chicken fillet puree soup with cheese and croutons
2. Salmon steak
3. Chicken cutlets (stuffed with eggs, herbs, onions and cheese)
4. Stewed vegetables
5. Shrimp and avocado salad
6. Pie with berries

1. Soup with meat, vegetables and barley
2. Stewed liver
3. Fish meatballs.
4. Buckwheat porridge.
5. Salad with carrots, apple and celery
6. Chocolate pancakes.

1. Soup "Solyanka"
2. Chicken fillet baked with tomato and cheese
3. Pasta (spaghetti) with meat sauce and cheese
4. Vegetable casserole
5. Salad of baked vegetables with sesame seeds
6. "Anthill" cake with condensed milk.
Meals for two days
For 2 person - 380$
For 3 person - 480$
For 4 person - 580$
Meals for four days
For 2 person - 650$
For 3 person - 780$
For 4 person - 880$
Meals for six days
For 2 person - 920$
For 3 person - 1020$
For 4 person - 1120$
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