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Wedding catering from a Chef wins your heart and stomach

Are you ready to make your dream wedding come true?

We do. Just trust us.

My team and I are luxury wedding catering in Miami. Elegance and love of detail is our highlight. For you will cook with a professional chef from Europe with 17 years of experience. A chef, who is well acquainted with French, and Italian cuisine, which is a wedding classic.

It is not always easy to find In Florida wedding caterers, which is right for you. For us, it's like meeting a loved one. Fall in love once and for all. And for you?

What is the difference between a caterer and a private chef?

Wedding catering
Wedding catering from a Chef wins your heart and stomach | Personal Chef Marina Staver
Private chef elevates your wedding and makes it according to your tastes.

Just as every wedding is different, I choose the menu for the newlyweds individually. In many wedding catering services, you choose from set menus, most often known to all appetizers and dishes. But if you want your menu to be as unique as the bride's wedding dress, then the menu from the chef is your option.

I only cook with fresh organically sourced ingredients. Freshly cooked is exceptionally delicious and healthy. That way the food is the tastiest and most nutritious. Big caterers' weddings that deal with mass orders have some difficulty with daily ordering farm-to-table products.

As an experienced private chef for weddings, I do the grocery shopping for the freshest ingredients that have been organically grown.

Luxury and fine catering for weddings is my passion. I pay attention to elegant wedding buffet catering decorated with flowers. Beautiful serving of food that will surprise your guests and make them remember it for a long time.

Where do you serve? Are you available on our wedding date?

Looking for an experienced wedding catering near you in Miami?

Then we're right for you. We serve wedding catering in Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood fl, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Miami Neighborhoods, and nearby cities.

Wedding caterers in Miami can be pretty busy. I'm always in favor of personalized service and experience. It's more convenient to find caterers near you for a wedding, close to the wedding venue. This will provide the best service without the extra expense.

Of course, in Fort Lauderdale wedding caterers are better to book in advance. Wedding receptions here are a special favorite.
Wedding catering
Wedding catering
Wedding catering

What's on the wedding menu? what happens to leftovers?

You can first fill out a form where you specify your wishes and dietary restrictions if necessary. During a face-to-face meeting, I will help you set a catering wedding menu that meets your tastes. You can order any kind of European cuisine dishes. Maybe you want to surprise the bride or groom with her/his favorite dish or order a unique wedding cake.

Hiring a private chef for a cozy, family-friendly wedding will make your wedding even more personal. The menu will depend on the format and length of your event. From classic buffet food stations to informal BBQs. All food and drinks are prepared right on the day of the wedding. Which guarantees that the food will be the most flavorful and fresh.

You will be surprised, but there will be no leftovers. Your guests will eat everything because such flavorful wedding food will attract them with its appearance and aroma. I keep a balance in everything: in decorations, in portions.

My team and I respect the time and effort you put in. So, there will be no additional fees. The menu and hors d oeuvres, and plated meals are designed individually for each person.

What wedding catering cuisine ideas
private chef can recommend?

There are couples who come prepared with their wishes, and then we just discuss with them the details of the buffet style and the cost of the catering.

But mostly the couple needs the help of an experienced chef who can help choose the best dishes without costing too much.

Before planning the menu, our chef would like to listen to the wishes of the newlyweds. What will be the color scheme of your wedding, and how long the wedding will be? After answering these questions, we can plan buffet wedding catering.

The Mediterranean and European cuisines are especially popular. Such cuisine is perfect for family-style weddings. They contain a lot of vegetables and fruits, nuts. Wedding buffet food mustn't be heavy on the stomach, but your guests should feel full.

In addition to delicious food, an integral part of the wedding is, of course, drinks. The most popular variation is cocktail hour, but the open bar will definitely please your but will be more expensive on a budget.

What does your price include?
How much does wedding catering cost?

Wedding catering
Wedding catering
Personal Chef Marina Staver.
Average wedding catering cost depends on the number of guests and the menu. Send me your request, and we will discuss the menu, then I will send you the full price. The food costs of buffets for weddings and ready-made hot dishes will be different.

It's hands-off for you to worry about cleaning up. This is already included in the cost of wedding catering. We propose all-inclusive wedding catering, so you don't have to worry. You and your guests can enjoy the big day from start to end.

What will wedding caterers staff wear?

Food caterers for weddings usually wear black or white uniforms. This style of the outfit allows them not to stand out, but still be noticeable to the guests. Anyway, it will suit your wedding style.

We are the Miami wedding caterers that will win your heart and stomach.

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