Private chef Wynwood Miami

Wynwood food-travel guide with a personal chef

South Florida is always sunshine, delicious food, and happy smiles of passersby. When tourists plan a vacation here, it's easy to be confused by the wide variety of choices.

Our chef Marina Staver is here to help you take your best culinary journey to Miami and make your vacation brighter. A private chef in Wynwood Miami at your service.
A culinary journey with a personal chef is not a quick snack on the go. It's a world of delicacies and rare dishes you can try at home. It is a world of food harmony.
In this article, Marina tips on what to see and what to eat from a personal chef in three

Miami neighborhoods: Miami Beach, Wynwood, and Hollywood Florida.
Different tourists come to Miami and Marina has prepared her menu for different types of vacations. So, you can have your private vacation chef.


Private chef Wynwood Miami
If you've already enjoyed the beach and the sun, I suggest you walk a little north to Wynwood. A world of art and culture centers and endless shopping.

If you don't know yet, what to do in Wynwood Miami? First, take a stroll through the stores. Only between us, it's a better place to shop and buy souvenirs for your friends than downtown. And enjoy some street art as well.

Murals by famous artists make your head spin. Check out Wynwood Walls for vivid emotions and photos and then visit the Museum of Graffiti.

If you hired a personal chef, you already know the answer to the question: where to eat in Wynwood Miami. All that remains is to decide what you would like to eat. If you wanted to snack during the day, catering brunch is a great time to do so. Light appetizers and cocktails.

I pay careful attention to the beautiful presentation of the food and how it is served. You won't be able to resist posting them to Instagram. And your friends will be asking what kind of restaurant it is. If you wish, you can reveal the secret of your culinary journey.

After the bright murals that delighted your eyes, European food is perfect. The riot of color and flavor will complement your culinary journey. As a personal chef from Europe, I am an expert in this food.

Snack on ciabatta with Brie and strawberries and a shot of peach gazpacho. Then try pistachio-crusted scallops and green lobster salad with orange dressing. For the main course, I will offer Burgundy duck with chestnuts or Grilled Tomahawk and potato au gratin with sage. And for dessert, Chocolate French pie with Anglaise sauce.

The brunch menu is considered one of the richest and most varied, as it includes a variety of desserts, cheeses, and jams.

Also at brunch, you can afford an optional glass of Mimosa, which is a classy brunch cocktail.


I suggest treating my guests to Grilled shrimp on fried pineapple, Chilean sea bass with my signature sauce, and tuna tartare on rice cloud.
Tourists rush to the beach to sunbathe, to take beautiful and colorful photos. When the time is planned and you want to enjoy every minute. You feel a slight hunger, and you ask where to eat in South Miami Beach. This is where it's best to plan ahead. Catering dinner from a chef can be booked in advance on the website. That will help you plan your trip.

If you are renting a hotel or Airbnb, you can eat whenever you want. Everything you need is a stove and the desire to hire the best chef in Miami Beach. You'll feel like you're in a restaurant in your apartment.

The peculiarity is that I always cook individually for each client. On my website, you can choose from European or "surprise me" options. If you are a true foodie, you will appreciate dishes from the last category. Your personal chef in Miami Beach knows how to spoil her guests.

Locals say tourists must eat at Miami beach seafood. This is the absolute favorite here. I suggest treating my guests to Grilled shrimp on fried pineapple, Chilean sea bass with my signature sauce, and tuna tartare on rice cloud.

Surprisingly, I've sometimes found that customers refuse the raw bar because they don't know how to eat it properly. There's another benefit to hiring a personal chef. I will tell you how this dish is eaten. And you will truly enjoy such a gourmet meal.

I would like to point out that I only cook with fresh produce from knife to table. This applies not only to seafood. After all, only freshly cooked foods make a delicious and nutritious meal.


Private chef Hollywood Florida​​​​
Private chef Hollywood Florida
Hollywood in Florida it's where you want to enjoy life walking on the Hollywood beach boardwalk. In this neighborhood, the question rarely arises, what to do in Hollywood Florida?

Tourists especially like to visit Artspark at the young circle, the downtown Hollywood mural project, Hollywood North beach park.

In addition to the beach, and nightclubs, you can go on a little boat trip. And so, you don't have to think, about what to eat in Hollywood Florida. Just hire a private chef in Miami Beach to cook for you on the boat during your trip.

This service used to be the ultimate luxury. Today, it can be an integral part of your vacation in Hollywood. You simply book a private chef from Hollywood Florida on the website.

The food has to match such a vacation to feel life at its best. Not every chef can prepare gourmet dishes worthily. But for me, it's a real pleasure to pamper a client with haute cuisine.

I have traveled extensively through Europe and have gathered my own unique collection of recipes to which I have added special features.

You can only make real, delicious food from fresh produce. This is one of the particularities of my cooking style.

I hope you found my tips helpful and that you have a better idea of how to spend your vacation in Miami. One of your questions, where to eat in South Beach Miami, is certainly answered. I wish you more culinary journeys.

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