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Catering breakfast or the secret of Polish Coffee

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To continue the Belarusian stories, which come from behind the scenes of the personal life of the personal chef Marina Staver.


As a home chef, I have taken my work to the next level. Personal chef services at corporate events opened up a new level of communication with clients. I was impressed by the variety of catering services for special occasions: birthday parties, private dinner parties, and wedding caterers.

This story happened to me just before Christmas. The event catering was in full swing, and the guests were served my new specialty, smoked salmon with freshly ground coffee. New menu planning is always my favorite part.

It was time for dessert, and guests ordered coffee. I loaded freshly ground coffee into an Italian coffee machine. The result was a wonderful aromatic beverage like on the best Italian coasts.

While making coffee, I thought about how wonderful it would be to have breakfast caterers near your home. Caterers serve you fragrant coffee with freshly baked croissants. Oh, what an excellent service.

I stopped daydreaming when a colleague called me to ask when the coffee would be ready. She took the coffee, and I decided to go out into the hall this time.
I usually do this to say hello to the guests, ask how they were doing, and if they liked the prepared meals.

“Marina, the food is so flavorful,” - said one of the regular customers at this corporate catering.
“I would like to hire a chef to surprise my wife,” - he continued. “We have an anniversary in a month. I was looking for catering near me for a small party, and I thought of you immediately. Tell me, how much does a personal chef cost?”

“Thank you so much,” - I answered. “You are such a thoughtful husband and your wife is a lucky woman. I would be happy to help surprise your wife.”

Meanwhile, I saw a guest drinking a coffee. I took guess, he was not satisfied with something.
“I will tell you later how much is a personal chef for a day and all details. Contact me please after the party”, - I kindly replied and went to that guest.


Passing by, I asked: - "How do you like your drink?"

Shrugging his shoulders, he replied, "Actually, that's not exactly what I'd like”. It was a strange turn of events for me. A geyser coffeemaker usually never fails.

I started suggesting what kind of beverage he drinks and what he's so displeased about. Unquestionably, the mood of clients depends on the meal service, thoughts ran through my head, one after the other.

I immediately offered another cup of coffee to remedy the situation. After my proposition, he mentioned, "Can I get a natural coffee?

I was really surprised and confused, I wonder what kind of coffee was before.

"I need Polish coffee, can you make that?", - he asked
I honestly admitted that I didn't know how to make Polish coffee.
"Can I show you?" - he asked.

We went into the kitchen so the guest could reveal the secret of Polish coffee. It turned out to be very simple and I laughed when he told me the secret recipe.
The recipe is simple:

- Ground coffee - 6g
- Boiling water - 100ml

Put a cup full of boiling water, pour the coffee, cover with a saucer and wait 3-4 minutes, add sugar if you want. But I do not recommend it, drink a divine drink with the addition of "white death".

Proszę, kawa po polsku gotowa (please, Polish coffee is ready)
We make Polish coffee every day at home when there is no coffee maker or coffee machine. And did not know that we were drinking that famous Polish-style coffee.


I sometimes remember this story in Miami. In scientific publications, you can read that smells awaken memories and the brain remembers about 10,000 smells. Whatever the origin, every type of coffee is a taste of Home. A unique invigorating smell that can't be mistaken for anything else, cheers us up during the day and fills our bodies with energy.
I am happy that my dream about breakfast catering has come true. Healthy and gluten-free food from the best grocery shopping. In my catering in Miami, I am happy to treat my customers to some dishes with coffee and make their day delighted.

Сheese pizza with ground coffee

No doubt you’re familiar with pairing wine with fish or meat but if someone told you that you could pair coffee with pizza. One of my favorite appetizers at all parties, whether it's a birthday, bachelor party, or corporate event. The taste of freshly ground coffee emphasizes the flavor of the cheese and gives the pizza a unique aroma.

Sponge cake with coffee

Moist and delicious chocolate sponge cake, it’s always my best recommendation for holiday dinners. Hiring a private chef people often ask me to cook exclusive desserts. This cake hits the spot at weddings or holiday family parties.

Smoked Salmon with freshly ground coffee

The recipe for the next dish, which I brought from my travels, is a popular trend of gastronomy "New Nordic cuisine". The coffee adds an irresistible flavor to the salmon, you’ll be surprised at how well the freshly ground coffee blend meshes with the fish. The soft pink color of the salmon pairs perfectly with the caramel color of the coffee. The very sight of this dish awakens your appetite.

Chicken in Coffee Sauce

This option is suitable for those who do not want something very exotic, but also not a regular chicken. The meat just melts in your mouth, coffee perfectly complements the sweet-savory taste of gravy.

Steak Tomahawk with coffee

I add coffee while cooking Tomahawk to enhance the spices and give it an intense flavor.

The silky texture of coffee-glazed gravy depth of flavor to this tender meat. True gourmets will appreciate the taste and flavor of this luxury holiday dish.

Private chefs in restaurants don't always get to talk to customers, but that's where the fun stories and new dishes come from.