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A love spell for the mother-in-law: a private chef experience or recipe for Borscht

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Through food and dining experience, you can conquer the heart of a person once and for all.
Food unites people.
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I have been convinced of this more than once. At one table can sit people of different nationalities and religious views. Food gives us both new emotions and can bring up the warmest memories.

As a private chef for hire, I have no doubt that food has magical properties. People share food with all their family and friends at one table, and in so doing they show how much they love those who are with them now. Sharing food is another way of expressing love.

Once again I had to become a private chef for a night and make people happy through food. But this time I had an almost impossible mission in front of me. I had to help melt the icy heart of my friend's mother-in-law.
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A friend's visit

In Belarus, as usual, all the most interesting stories take place in the kitchen. My wonderful friend Makar came to visit me to share the good news. He came here from Ukraine to see his fiancée. This is the story of how love knows no boundaries, and food helped unite two people.
"I'm getting married!"
declared Makar loudly, and poured a plate of Borscht.
"All that remains is to fall in love with my mother-in-law, how to do this I do not even suppose,"
he then added sadly.

Makar's eyes shone with happiness, but his face was very thoughtful.
"I told you, I highly recommended doing it through food,"
I stated confidently and picked up another garlic pampushka.
"Usually works 100%."
"Come on, it won't work with her, no cooking class or chef service will help"
Makar brushed me off and lowered his eyes, and stared at his plate of Borscht.
"We've had more than that,' I laughed and pounded the table with my fist. "I'll help you..."
A smile appeared on Makar's face.
"You're great at making your signature family recipe for Borscht," I reminded Makar. "You told me, that's what we're going to make, with all our love for the mother-in-law in four hands, and you're going to say you made it yourself."

"Well yes, she can't resist," replied Makar thoughtfully. "You're the best private chef and the Borscht is really divine."
I like the idea: a secret private chef cooks at home with a love mission.

I laughed out loud.
"Come on, don't be a sourpuss, invite your future wife and mother-in-law over for the dinner party on Saturday, and the Borscht will do everything for you. You'll get personal chef service"

A dish with character and a story

I am delighted to share my private chef experience and the recipe, which was told to me by my good Ukrainian friend Andrey Tymochko from Lviv. If anyone has not fallen in love with your mother-in-law, I recommend, the potion works. Tested by me more than once.

Borscht will be very exotic for the Americans like sushi was for the Europeans. Borscht is the first dish of Slavic peoples, which is eaten in the morning or at lunch before the main meal. Men claim that this delicious food is an excellent cure for a hangover. And every woman hostess has her own peculiarities of its preparation.

As many cooks as there are, so many variations of Borscht. This dish is on the list of recommended dishes to try in Eastern Europe. It is especially nice to eat it in the cold winter weather. Because this dish is very nutritious and gives a feeling of fullness for a long time.

While reading the story and especially the recipe, I think many people who cooked this delicious dish, thought to themselves, I generally cook borscht differently. And of course, mine is the most delicious.

I believe and do not doubt your abilities. There are as many owners as there are variations, but this borsch is called "How the Ukrainian conquered the heart of the future Belarusian mother-in-law".

The heart of the strict mother-in-law melted after the first spoon of our Borscht. Now, when Makar is guilty in front of his mother-in-law, he cooks Borscht when she comes to visit. This is a wonderful story that shows how food can bring people together and teaches them to trust.

And now the recipe for Borscht

Prepare the meat and broth

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Meat for Borscht is better to use an assortment: some pork (preferably ribs), some beef (with marrow bone), and some chicken.

Wash the meat. Cut into fairly large pieces, except for the chicken. Throw the meat in water. Bring it to a boil and remove the foam.

Add 2-3 bay leaves, parsley, celery root, whole carrots, and onions.

Boil the meat broth until the meat becomes soft and separates from the bones. When the broth is ready, take out the meat and strain. Add the beans soaked in water to the strained broth and cook until the beans are half-ready.

Add vegetables and make dressing

Dice potatoes. Throw them in the broth and continue cooking.

Finely chop the fresh white cabbage, sprinkle it with lemon juice and salt, and mash lightly. Then the cabbage will not be stiff.

Now make "Dressing for Borscht"

Take fresh bacon and smoked breast, finely chop everything, and fry, first add onions, then carrots, and fresh pepper. Fry all this with a little meat.

Rinse and peel the tomatoes, grate them on a coarse grater, and add them to the lard and vegetables. Cut young beets into thin strips, add vinegar, combine with bacon and vegetables, and gently simmer. Add the cooked roast to the pot, and simmer until the vegetables are tender.

Finishing step

Add salt, sugar, and vinegar and optionally add chopped parsley, dill, and garlic.

Turn off the heat and let stand for at least 1 hour.

Lifehack: If the borscht has lost its color, add freshly squeezed beet juice or beet powder to restore it. Serve with aromatic garlic pampushki, sour cream, bacon, and an ice-cold glass of samogonka.
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Private chef dinner at home

If you were intimidated by the difficulty of making Borscht, but want to try this delicious meal, I will be happy to cook it for you and your family.

I have often made private chef meals at dinners for international guests. So that they could get acquainted with the peculiarities of the national cuisine. A dish that is a hallmark of Eastern Europe.

As a chef, I am often asked to prepare a dish of some national cuisine. Especially for international weddings, clients often invite a kosher private chef. For the chef to prepare a cuisine based on original recipes, not a modern version.

That all the standards and recipes were maintained. Such events are another great example of different people gathering around one table.

Many countries can be proud of their national cuisine. Through food, we get to know the country and its national characteristics. This food has its own character and of course its own history.

You have already found a private chef for hire near your location. I will be happy to help you create a private chef menu. And on my website, you will find answers to your questions:

How much is a private chef for a night? Or how much does it cost to hire a private chef?

Food is a huge culture with its own secrets and peculiarities. Behind the creation of one dish, there is a whole story for generations. But its main feature is that it brings people together.