Favorite recipes of Chef Marina Staver.


In Miami, one season is summer all year round, but not on the menu from personal chef Marina Staver.
The summer season is over and today Marina has introduced a new Fall menu. Fall colors are really luxurious golden, burgundy and dark green. There was inspiring work on the menu. After all, for a European private chef in Miami, it's easy to create authentic gourmet dishes out of typical fall products. If scallops in Miami will surprise almost no one, then Beetroot tartar is already exotic. Traditionally the menu consists of cold appetizers, light salads, hot appetizers, main dish, and dessert. To pamper her guests, personal chef in Miami has also included vitaminized fall fruits and vegetables in her new menu. Enjoy the hearty tastes of fall with a catering menu, including recipes from pumpkins, apples, and truffles.
Two menus are available to choose from on the website. Each menu is different but shares the same fall colors and tastes. Fall-flavor dishes are great for tight-knit weddings, birthday parties or coming Thanksgiving Day.

Definitely, the taste of the new menu from personal chef Miami will not leave anyone untouched. But a particular pleasure will be watching the process of preparing this menu in a private kitchen. Restaurant trends change each other like the seasons. People come to a restaurant not only for the delicious food but also for the atmosphere. Covid has changed the lives of many people irrevocably. Many establishments used to close or limit the number of visitors, then unexpectedly restaurants were replaced by a new trend. Inviting a private chef to cook at home. That's not just ordering ready-made catering in Miami with appetizers and drinks. It's a new level of spending time. This is a unique chance to go behind the scenes of a real professional's kitchen. Freshly prepared food smells changing each other. There's a double treat for people’s taste buds. This will be a true luxury catering Miami experience. Having a chef cooking in the host’s kitchen solves another problem. The chef serves all the food to the guests and the hosts can dance or hang out with the guests. The food will be served attractively.

"My mission is to help people become successful through food culture", says Marina Staver. Marina enjoys delicious food and wants to share this experience with people. When she travels, she always tries to sneak into a kitchen. The most exciting part is to see the process of cocking and talking to chefs. Watching the private chef experience in Miami in the kitchen is a true pleasure. The new fall menu presented by Marina represents all of her overseas experiences. The dish will be served with joy and maybe an interesting story about it.

Corporate catering in Miami organized by Marina Staver and her team will be a new experience. A small party among close friends with a personal chef will be memorable. A positive atmosphere, well-fed guests, and unique culinary journeys from home. Learn more about the fall-harvest menu, cost and make a reservation on the website.